Sunspots (Volume 1)


Powerful enough to transport readers to space.

Author Gary Martin does a great job in creating life like real characters with complex behavior as they try to overcome adversity in futuristic science fictional thriller ‘Sunspots’.
A mysterious halt in the engines of spaceship ‘sunspot 2’ puts shift manager John Farrow in a nerve wrecking situation which is worsened by the suspenseful missing crew members of the ship.
‘Sunspots‘ is a well thought out, vividly detailed novel that is intricately developed with an engrossing plot, original in concept and delightful in style. Full of mystery, enigmas and engaging dialog author Gary Martin definitely shows his capabilities of a skillful writer who knows how to whisk readers immediately into a highly imaginative read that moves at a breakneck pace, providing very descriptive mental pictures of the characters and the spaceship.
‘Sunspots’ is a pure work of smart, well- thought out imagination combined with a gripping adventurous science thriller that has a diverse appeal and would be appreciated by a wide range of readers, young and mature. Author Gary Martin’s novel surely has the power to transport its readers to space, living amidst its characters who are facing a thrilling quest of discernment to beat the odds of life.
‘Sunspots’ is highly recommended to the readers who find space related sci-fi of their interest.

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