Crystal Waters it Began in Europe


An absolutely engaging read!

‘Crystal Waters it Began in Europe’ is a vividly detailed novel with highly imagined settings entwined with intricately developed fiction to create an exceptionally immersive reading experience. Author Diana Rozevskis pens down an engaging tale that is entertaining and intriguing in every sense of word, ticking along at a perfect pace bringing out fascinating mystery of a secret doorway to the ancient worlds in the depth of the cellar at Fowesby Hall owned by the grandmother of Emma and Grace. Compelling memories of a mishap in childhood leads Emma and Grace to dig the enigma behind the doorway and discover a whole new world full of mystical creatures that inhabit the ancient land of Crete.
Author Diana Rozevskis is a truly gifted writer who weaves a story that is at once full of many believable young characters embedded into a surprising, well painted world that serves to fully captivate the readers and keeps them at the edge of their seats. ‘Crystal Waters it Began in Europe’ is a read where the characters will overcome terrible adversity and beat the odds of life’s most thrilling adventures that is sure to appeal a wide range of fantasy lovers irrespective of their age. For sure this book will make a perfect addition to the collection of any avid fantasy reader. Its a must read!

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