Watcher in the Fall: Connections


Fiction close to reality..

‘Watcher in the Fall: Connections’ by Ron Townsen is an amazing work of sci-fi genre . Writer Ron Townsen has made up his novel binding, several realistic story plots like advance alien race in universe, special US forces and mafias of Russia and China, all making one big and interestingly captivating storyline.
At times Rons Watcher in the Fall is sure to make its readers believe that there is seriously a lot going on in the universe and ‘aliens’ are real and not just an amazing work of great imagination. The book is very descriptive about its characters be it the FBI agents, scientists, aliens or even the most villainous mafias of Russia and at times, the novel bought burst of emotions in me like i was really into tears when Tim- a most talented and world known scientist lost his wife and son in a flight explosion due to bomb implantment planned by Russian mob. It was really sad to see Tim being forced to get down to work after such a heart breaking incident of his life, but he had to move on and collect the shattered pieces of life for the sake of us and other team members.
Similarly Ron Townsen’s novel has many more strong and captivating characters and incidents which are sure to leave its readers glued to the book and keep turning pages of the book until finished.
Without giving much about ‘Watchers in the Fall: Connections’ i would like to tell readers, there are two more books in the series -Watcher in the Fall: Conversions and Watchers in the Fall: Evolution which are sure to be equally interesting and captivating and i look forward to reading them.
I would love to highly recommend this book to all esp. those interested in sci-fi and to those who want to read the realities of life of special forces of FBI and scientist, these people work hard to make life of our kinds easier and normal putting the lives of their loved ones at stake. Its a must read!!

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