Watcher In The Fall: Conversions


From conversions..

‘Watchers in The Fall: Conversions’ by Ron Townsen is the second book in the series of ‘Watcher in The Fall”. My honest suggestions about Watchers in The Fall: Conversions to the readers would be to go through the first book of this series i,e Watchers in The fall: Connections as of course this book is as interesting as volume1 and the hard work and talent of the writer Ron Townsen should be highly appreciated because there are no loose ends in the story and it keeps its readers well entertained like book 1 with the advantage of lots more happening in the story plot.
The book is back with few of its interesting characters from the previous book( vol.1) like members of BELLOWS group, Scotty Barnett, Dr. John Murphy, George Scott and several more. Some key characters introduced have major name changes or became more prominent in this book and make the novel more interesting and realistic.
Author Ron Townsen is very descriptive of each and every character, event and progress of the story which is definitely a focal and plus point for the readers. I don’t want to give away much about this book leaving for its readers to enjoy the captivating mystery in the genre of sci-fi of Watchers of The Fall: Conversions but i assure readers that after reading this book their limited views and imaginations of aliens and other galaxies is to be surely enhanced and inspired by author Ron Townsen’s vast sense of talented writing.
This novel is highly recommended to all and esp. those waiting for vol.2 after reading Watchers in The Fall: Connections!

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