The Unraveling of Shelby Forrest


Engaging, entertaining and inspiring read!

‘The Unraveling of Shelby Forrest by Donna Friess is simply a wonderful, heart warming and heart touching novel about a lady Shelby Forrest 53, who is an amazing wife, a mother and a grandmother herself and is living her ‘perfect family life’ peacefully until one day a phone call turns her life upside down bringing alive her old youth days secretive memories which she had left behind in long run of time.
Donna Friess has done a wonderful job in giving Shelby Forrest a touch of women next door, which makes connections with Shelby easy and engaging for readers. the novel moves back and forth smoothly revealing wonderful emotions of characters and unfolding a great touching storyline with a topic to be discussed and solved i.e why a women unwed is forced to give up her new born and compromise with unreasonable orthodox practices of family , friends and society?
I simply love and salute author Donna Friess for her bold attitude towards life which reflects in her amazing novel, writer has wonderfully covered and brought forward a sensitive a d touching subject which has been affecting many lives around the world.
I would love to highly recommend this captivating novel to all women ( irrespective of their age) around the world to read and go trough the ups and downs of Shelby Forrest’s life and take inspiration from this interesting read. Its definitely a must read!!

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