The Children With The Sky In Their Eyes (Amethyst Book 1)


No ‘war’ can bring ‘peace’!

‘The Children With The Sky In Their Eyes’ by Jan Ferrierr is a very touching novel based on two innocent children Hinto ( boy) and Amaryllis (girl) whose father ‘The Lord Charles’ or King william as known by his people is the king of ‘The Lands of the Sands’ has to send away his two lovely, sweet and innocent children to the East in a school called ‘The Way’ because he is worried that his kingdom will be in war with the kingdom of West and could be overrun anytime, whereas in ‘The Way’ Hinto and Amaryllis are in very safe hands of an extremely talented and knowledgeable teacher ‘Edgar’ who is also from The Land of Sands and has lost his family due to an epidemic.
The novel has many other interesting characters like master Liko, Anguo and others who are connected with each other making the story a captivating read.
Author Jan Ferrierr has wonderfully woven many emotions of life in her novel like peace, romance, war, hatred, excitement setting them into a strong story plot. Though a fiction, the book reads like any realistic event of war going to take place in our ttoday’sworld. Author Jan Ferrierr has been very descriptive of characters and happenings specially in the way which makes easy for readers to imagine and connect easily with its characters.
I would love to recommend this book to all peace lovers with a moral that no war can do good to any living being in any way and many innocent beings esp. children should be thought of before doing any kind of destruction in the world. A must read!

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