In the Blood (The Witchbreed)


A powerful read that goes beyond expectation.

Stirring the heat and unsettling the emotions ‘In the Blood’ is an ultimately charismatic epic fantasy of twin sisters- Ottilde Dominax and Oriabel Dominax as they fight life’s terrible adversities to save one another.
With a fair cast of characters, author R. L. Martinez builds a unique world that is both mystical and believable, smartly mingled with heartwarming emotions. Lead by immaculate style of narration and explicit plot that is highly well imagined, ‘In the Blood’ ticks along at a perfect pace bringing vivid authentic details to life. An excellent teller of tales, author R. L. Martinez weaves an intricate story of two head strong female protagonists that is filled with values of love, relationship and individuality & that is sure to fully engage the readers and keep them at the edge of their seats. Building excitement that goes beyond expectation with striking twists ‘In the Blood’ ends with a stunning conclusion with a glittering promise for more to come in this series. This powerful read is sure to resonate with readers long after the last page has been turned, an attention grabbing book that is definitely worth reading, it is highly recommended.

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