Yours, Anonymous


Deep, profound wisdom of human nature.

‘Yours, Anonymous’ is an impressive mystery thriller that is superbly crafted with a well thought out diction and intriguing style of narration necessary for the progression of the story giving an explicit insight into the complicated & complex world of teens. Author David Orr is a storyteller of the classical style in the coming age who definitely knows to relay his imagination into an engaging, well rounded material that is dense, thought provoking and vivid to be envisioned as he brings out a poignant tale of suffering at the mercy of being bullied, when the graduation project of Mary Ellen reveals the heart wrenching reasons behind Ashley White’s mysterious suicide.
Fiction becomes believable as the story unfolds its self with life like characters that are strong and are actively involved in shaping of the events described artistically with great finesse through immaculate style of writing.
‘Yours, Anonymous’ is a powerful read with deep, profound wisdom of human nature and personality that is sure to appeal to readers of many genres, specially ten mystery. Presented in an incredible, engrossing manner, this master piece is worth reading. Highly recommended.

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