The Abduction Chronicles

Realistic yet episodic.

‘The Abduction Chronicles’ is an out of the world adventurous scifi with superbly proactive plot-intrusive extraterrestrial beings.

Peppered with deftly paced humor, romance and mystery, author Thomas Hay throws in a few of his own occult encounters of unusual phenomenon experienced at different levels of life. Skeptic as his readers might be, author Thomas Hay didn’t give in to the call by his ex-wife Claudia when she claimed to have been abducted by aliens, the night they drove to Carmel. Warding off the unusual conversation, author is least bit interested to acknowledge the reality behind ex-wife’s call, until action and enigma comes knocking at his door- dressed as two NASA agents.

Inorder to better preserve the twists author Thomas Hay tampers the foreshadowing of scifi by infusing scorching narration and soulful flashbacks with the emotional yarn. Adding array of solid details and vivid descriptions to the timeline of events makes it difficult to differentiate between the believable and fiction.

‘The Abduction Chronicles’ is an intriguing read that draws in cheerful colors despite of some mundane chores and is bound to provide material to intellect and intrepid readers to grapple with. Realistic yet episodic this 5 star read is a captivating one.

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