The Madhouse of Love

Non-fiction peppered with innocence and reality.

Delivering an enticing past of a teenage boy, ‘The Madhouse of Love’ is a young adult read told in an unpretentious style that is tender and touching.

Deftly paced and controlled, author Peter G. Mackie immerses readers in his novel by reconstructing his own past through poignant yet commendably faced misunderstanding that landed him in a psychiatric unit of a hospital for 2 and a half years.

Though not quite establishing the world-building of his stay and the time period effectively, the narration sounds like fragments rather then a complete story that doles out gripping memories unevenly, like how author played the piano in hospital, read books of his interest, painted pictures on the wall and made friends with other young patients of his age.

Firmly planted in everyday realities of authors life and managing to evoke sympathy for those youngsters who suffer at the hands of fate, ‘The Madhouse of Love’ is a novel with realistic text and sensitive yet powerful narration that is sure to keep readers turning pages and feeling the mundane chores of the unfortunate.

This 5 star read is sure to appeal to the fans of the genre who prefer to read non-fiction peppered with innocence and reality.

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