Moving to Oregon: A Bipolar Journey

A tense read with dramatic twists.

With an impressive wealth of knowledge in his subject, author James Townsend gives a brutally honest insight of bipolar disorder through a poignantly narrated engaging fiction of a young graduating man.

Embellished with memoir like undertones, ‘Moving to Oregon: A Bipolar Journey’ unfolds at a breakneck pace giving out anecdotal accounts of authors character who is born and brought up in the small town of Gastonia, North Carolina and has managed to keep up with good grades during his collage years despite of his experiments with drinking habits in-order to numb himself from social interactions and pains of family illness of drinking problems, until a call from the university’s financial aid department finally puts an end to his perfect vacation memories, turning his world up side down with an unexpected swirl of tensions blurring his nearing future with deteriorating health issues.

Tense with dramatic twists, the ending resolves the reads main plot in an amazingly surprising finale. Author James Townsend’s prose is evocative, imagistic, modulated with infinite care and his readers are sure to sympathize with his lead character. A powerful page turner ‘Moving to Oregon: A Bipolar Journey’ is a 5 star read that is definitely recommended.

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