Shifter’s Pride (Spirit Walker’s Saga Thrillers Book 2)

An intriguing paranormal suspense with strong characters.

Savage climax from the previous Spirit Walkers Saga by author Laura Hawks is bound to lure fan readers to a fresh standalone sequel ‘Shifter’s Pride’ which is book 2 in the series.

Demonstrating a deep knowledge of American native traditional folklore motifs author Laura Hawks skillfully sets in a paranormal suspense with supernatural undertones saturating a complex world building of shifter Feather Woods and a malevolent murderer whose ghastly murders seem to be following Feather one after another, making it difficult for detective Renegade Shaw to unmask the mystery behind deceit killings.

With regularly occurring twists ranging from shivery to spine chilling, ‘Shifter’s Pride’ is a narrative with strong prose that delivers plenty of enticing history of well drawn characters by flipping chapters back and forth in time that will keep readers riveted.

Though very unsettling at times, ‘Shifter’s Pride (Spirit Walkers Saga Book 2)’ is a well imagined and engaging 5 star read for those who revel in authors paranormal-suspense series.


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