Sunset Reads: William & Cristina (A Sunset Reads Novel Book 1)


When opposites attract, the unexpected is always to happen

Best selling author for Sunset Reads ‘Cristina Cruz’ is left heart broken and ditched by playboy boy friend Jake and decides to accept reality and to revive her life by moving on and making ‘affairs of the heart wait’ until her life pathways intervene with the new arrogant, rude, intolerable yet absolutely elegant and handsome C.E.O of Sunset Reads Publishing House ‘William Jameson’ who suddenly shows up at the scene to take over his mothers New York publishing house after her demise. Truly a professional, William is all set to go against all odds by changing the whole scenario at Sunset Reads by setting deadline for authors to save the publishing house from falling. Cristina and William can’t get along and bear each others commanding nature but they surely feel the connection fate has decided for them.
Though ‘Sunset Reads: William & Cristina’ is the first book in the Sunset Reads Series, it was very impressive to witness the talent of author D.C. Triana being carved into a mesmerizing and engrossing contemporary romance fiction where the narration flowed smoothly painting vivid descriptive pictures of the situations characters were placed in with a hooking plot.
‘Sunset Reads: William & Cristina’ is a thoroughly engaging page turner, increasing ones lookout for more to come in the series. There is definitely more to unravel about the connection between Cristina and William as ‘when opposites attract, the unexpected is sure to happen’.
This masterpiece is a sure recommendation for all contemporary romance lovers!

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