Tempting Fate (The Dark Races Book 1)


Exploring the Fae world.

Based on fresh strong story line, author K.K. Watson is sure to cast a spell over her readers through her fast paced, absorbing paranormal romance ‘Tempting Fate.
A mysterious horrifying car accident leads Elena Kelley to deal with the loss of her adoptive parents, forcing her to move in with her very caring cousin Gregory. When abducted by a demon from Arcadia on her 25th birthday dinner through a mystical mirror in the ladies room of the hotel, the last druid – ‘Aiden’ of Avalon risks his life fighting the evil creature to rescue Elena. Aiden reveals his identity of being a second commander of Queens army to protect Fae realm and convinces Elena about her origin and existence that is mystical and not human.
Aiden and Elena are definitely made for each other but Elena has to discover and learn about her supernatural powers to fight her way through demons and other evil creatures to save her loved ones and get what she is destined for.
Despite the obvious urgency in pace of the story, author does an amazing job of describing in great detail the unique Fae world and the magical supernatural creatures imagined and well thought of making this novel a gripping and entertaining tale of loss, love, perseverance and family.
‘Tempting Fate’ is a fantasy paranormal read superbly crafted with intriguing style of narration which deserves to be highly recommended!

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