Awakening: Sequel to Affiniity’s Window

A blood curdling supernatural read.

Unsettling in an intriguing way with distinctive cast of characters from the previous volume, ‘Awakening’ is a standalone sequel to ‘Affiniity’s Window’ that will knit up the strands of a complex plot with extraneous subplots in a blood curdling tale of mayhem and mystery.

Author Douglas L. Wilson offers an engrossing prologue that helps the story move along rapidly unfolding the mysterious events, supplemented with well paced back story of special agent Ted Kelwick and his partner Stuczinski and their involvement in a bone chilling, horrendous murder case, five years ago.

The readers may feel bludgeoned by the horror as evil demonic entity and reappearance of a malevolent serial killer stirs a connection detective Ted Kelwick finds hard to resist. Relentlessly exciting from start to finish, ‘Awakening’ is a perfect blend of action, mystery and thrills that soars heights in the genre of supernatural, providing entertainment to readers with heart pounding twists.

Of enduring interest to the fans of the genre and highly recommended to those who prefer their novel narrated in an unpretentious style, ‘Awakening’ is a 5 star must read!

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