Gravity Games: A Nathan Sherlock Foodie Thriller (Dark & Delicious Sci-Fi Adventures Book 1)

A Strikingly imagined sci-fi.

Utterly absorbing, wrapped with an immaculately imagined original premise and a buoyant humorous tone- ‘Gravity Games: A Nathan Sherlock Foodie Thriller’ is an engaging, fresh start to an adventure series full of potential, bolstered by twists and turns and a dynamic protagonist.

Intricate tapestry of narrative featuring snappy dialog and vivid descriptive rich details add spice to an unbelievable camaraderie of Nathan Sherlock- ‘Nate the nose’ and his confidante Bonnie, who find themselves embedded into a world of grit and action amidst corruption and destruction after a U.S. -Canada anti-terrorism squad has been monitoring Nathan’s secretive activities of sniffing murders for years.

Nathan Sherlock’s olfactory superpower is tasked to sniff the kidnap of a renowned scientist and track his possibly stolen anti gravity technology from the deadly hands of the terrorist cells and their unleashing of violence and destruction.

Intriguing enough to engage even reluctant readers, ‘Gravity Games: A Nathan Sherlock Foodie Thriller’ is a 5 star read with an enjoyable mix of adventure, thrill and a clever cast of characters that showcase deep bonds between friends. Impressive, with his evocative prose and unbeatable imagery, author John Matsui’s glistering sci-fi is sure to resonate with fans of the genre long after the last page has been turned. Highly recommended.


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