SERIAL DOESN”T START with a C (Jasper, Street-Fighter, and Me Book 3)


Maggie next victim? Trio high on guard!

Author Richard Nurse has been very smart and thoughtful with his 3rd book ‘Serial Doesn’t Start With a C’ by giving a brief preface of his protagonist Maggie Mc Kenzie and her ever ruling team of Jasper and Street fighter along with detective Jim Anderson for those who are new to Jasper, Street fighter and Me series and want to unravel the new forthcoming mysteries, trio is to deal with.
Recovering from the distress and depressions from the last nerve wrecking case, Maggie’s idea of allowing their lives to return to normal is put to an end by a call from a distraughted and bothered mother who claims to have her 28 year old twin daughters- Maddy and Patty gone missing for quite sometime. Jim’s warning of a serial rapist/killer is sure to bring a new twist in the life of Maggie either by fitting her as the next perfect victim in the list of the killer or by providing a new turn to her at hand in the investigation.
Author Richard gets more creative, artistic and imaginative with each book in the series of Jasper, Street fighter and Me. ‘Serial Doesn’t Start With a C’ is definitely his best work which is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats as their favorite protagonist fights her way through an alarming situation where she can even loose her life.
This intriguing read speaks for itself with an amazing synopsis on the back cover but still, I highly desire to recommend it to all mystery, thriller lovers. It is an engrossing read with fresh twists and turns which is definitely a must read!

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