Dark Charity (United Earth Charity Book 1)

Utterly engrossing and captivating.

Skillfully weaving together the seemingly disparate plot strands, author J.L. Higgs delivers an infallible read about complexities faced by charitable organisations through her fictional novel ‘Dark Charity (United Earth Charity Book 1)’.

The undercurrent of fear and pain was relentless, embodied powerfully in Virginia McBride’s life after witnessing the terrifying murder of her own parents- Lord and Lady McBride (owners of United Earth Charity). Coping with her lose, Virginia falls under the guardianship of her nasty uncle Anthony and is entangled into a world of conspiracy and corruption lead by an international child abduction network -The spider web.

Poignant yet brilliantly narrated ‘Dark Charity (United Earth Charity Book 1)’ is a story of endurance and courage of a girl coming to terms with her fears and loss. With the capacity to encapsulate reality of corruption faced by charitable organisations author J.L. Higgs deserves to be known to her readers, willing to appreciate her potentials and imaginative skills. Those looking for an entertaining suspense novel with diversity will find themselves utterly engrossed and captivated. Its a 5 stars must read.


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