Visions of a Dream

An emotionally & historically rich & honest work.

‘Visions of a Dream’ is a masterful read that absorbingly recreates Macedonian king-  Alexander the Great’s epic conquests and ancient history’s most fascinating period by retracing his most astounding victories as he successfully leads his army across the lethal deserts of Gedrosia. Author Justine Hemmestad skillfully sketches the powerful legacy of the Macedonian king- Alexander as he was not only history’s greatest general but also a charismatic and enlightened leader who won the loyalty of his army and aimed to foster prosperity and peace.

Author Justine Hemmestad’s ideology is not particularly new or subtle but the method of narration is delightful, polished with evocative prose and sophisticated concept that is original. Meticulously researched and conveyed ‘Visions of a Dream’ is an emotionally and historically rich and honest work with a strong character portrait of Alexander the Great and his victories- both spiritual and physical, which were by no means inevitable.

Those who enjoy ancient historical tales of bravery with enthralling events and fascinating characters are sure to fall for this read. Highly recommended.

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