Ready Eager and Prepared Every Recall: R.E.A.P.E.R.

A worthwhile addition to the military fiction genre.

A worthwhile addition to the military fiction author Mike Fulbright’s anecdotal book revels a detailed and well told story of endurance and courage in the face of death and destruction when Sergeant Anderson is challenged with a task to prepare disillusive captain Beckman and his untrained men about the inevitable war between North Korea and U.S. Horrors and complexities of the upcoming, unforeseen danger might wipe out the life of captains men and their communication site established on a hill top 50 miles south of the DMZ if Sergeant Anderson fails to prepare his men on time.

Author Mike Fulbright personal experience at USAF, combat security police services unveils his love and choice for the genre of military fiction as he gives out a superbly detailed and intelligent look at the understanding of war and battle scenes by maintaining a perfect match between well paced action oriented narrative and weighty characters.

Sharp and efficient ‘Ready Eager and Prepared Every Recall: R.E.A.P.E.R’ is a first rate military fiction that can be appreciated and read by general audience and combat lovers.  A worthwhile addition to the genre this novel is highly recommended.

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