Faith, Power, Joy: Spiritual Guidance from 5 Generations of Remarkable Women

Stories of reawakening & believing in oneself.

Meticulously researched, author Sheryl A.  Stradling’s ‘Faith, Power, Joy’ is an exquisite, thoughtful exploration of challenges and complexities that exposed the invincible courage, audacity and determination of five women that share a family history saga with author. Their courage of facing and coping up with social barriers, personal heart breaks and adverse circumstances around them was commendable. Author Sheryl Stradling gathers thought provoking, incisive and enlightening examples of lifetime in fairly short pieces of amusing anecdotes that read like fragments rather than a complete biography.

Reconstruction of family history and insight into lives of ancestors (Lottie, Mackie, Minnie and Gail) suggests that author is a gifted writer with passion for social consciousness. ‘Faith, Power, Joy’ is a novel with real stories of reawakening, believing in oneself and setting trends for others to follow. For those who love history, family saga or emphasis on faith based events and examples of bygone years, author Sheryl Stradling’s read is sure to evoke inspiration for them. This read is a necessary recommendation for every women and fan of the genre.


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