Lord of Fire


Compelling, fanciful read!

‘Lord of Fire’ is bound to be one of the most fascinating, enjoyable, adventurous fantasy read in every sense of word as it ticks along at a perfect pace, exhibiting author Susi Wright’s unbelievable talent of transporting her readers to a highly well imagined fictitious fantasy era with its characters skillfully embedded in a world well painted with vivid descriptions and intriguing narratives.
‘Lord of Fire’ is an ultimately, smartly penned mystical story of a secretive clan and its Lord Luminor who will strive to fulfill the ‘Gaian Prophecy’ and overcome terrible adversity through his supreme power in his way of wondrous, enchanting yet thorny adventure as he is dominated by an appealing compulsion to rescue a young woman from the kidnapper. Each chapter of the story unfolds with engrossing events described artistically, engaging readers on many levels with a perfect dose of the smoothly building up romance and intense action, developing an exceptionally immersive reading experience.
Author Susi Wright is surely a storyteller of a classic style who definitely has the capability to rule over her readers mind and whisk them immediately into a fanciful tale well plotted. Without doubt ‘Lord of Fire’ is an enthralling read that deserves to be processed by any fantasy fiction lover. Its a must read!

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