Commendable historical fiction mingled with wit & wisdom

‘Nazilager’ is a poignant, brilliantly told historical fiction of survival, growth, loss and struggle that is very impressive in its sense of knowledge and research expertly woven into an insightful novel.

Author J. R Rogers develops and delivers a wild ride of unexpected adventurous tale of Lt. Colonel Carl Von Glasow and his fellow officers of Afrika corps after the heart wrenching times of world war 2. Being shipped to the U.S Army, prisoner of war camp comes as a pulse pounding surprise for the German war prisoners. Vivid details of imprisonment at the camp of Gwinnett on Sorrel Island on the coast of Georgia in contrast to Tunisian desert is immaculately imagined with endearing, believable characters that are strong and actively involved in the shaping of the displayed human condition that is deep and profound.

Author skillfully distills his narration down for the necessary progression of the story in a well thought out manner that is appealing and seducing. Mingled with wit and wisdom ‘Nazilager’ is a powerful page turner and commendable work of historical fiction that is sure to grab attendance of all history lovers and make its place on their shelves. Highly recommended.

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