Robots And Vampires


A book with a perspective of future.

Author Joshua Corbeil comes up with a fresh, fluid and thrilling Science fiction depicting a picture of time in future, in the year of 2260, where robots and cyborgs are demanding for their rights after the destructive second civil war in the USA. That’s when son of Joseph and Sarah- John Smith (a cyborg who has been created as a fusion of biological and cybernetic components) gets into an encounter where rich spoiled brat Archibald Renfield tries to brutally kill Angela a Gynoid and gets beaten up for trying to save her but ends up being accused of a crime he didn’t commit, drawing in enmity from the powerful Renfield family.
‘Robots And Vampires’ comes up with an intriguing twist when gynoid Angela is not dead and uploads herself to ‘net’ making this thrilling novel a true page turner.
Author Joshua showcases his love and knowledge of Science fiction aptly by painting vivid pictures of robots and their existence in future keeping his readers captivated and entertained with a perfectly paced and well imagined read. With mastery over language and subject, author crafts his characters artistically which are easy to believe in and connect with.
‘Robots And Vampires’ has a hooking plot to read between covers. This book is definitely for those with interest in the genre of Sci-fi and those ready to accept to look through the perspective of having robots and cyborgs in coming future. Highly recommended.

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