Way of the Real Faith: A Choice, a Journey, a Destiny


A guide to enlightenment.

It was very enlightening and thoughtful of author Douglas A Singh to take his readers through the complicated corridors of religion into a mesmerizing journey towards real faith.
Religion is seen through a very restricted perspective as it has been divided and defined by different complicated ideologies of different eras, kingdoms, politics and people and used as per ones convenience, but author Douglas A Singh simplifies religion and guides us towards real faith using his deep and pure knowledge about it. By including the holy scriptures with simple examples author has added flares to his informative and guiding read.
‘Way of the Real Faith’ is a book in very simple language which unfolds itself from the very basic information into a very inspiring knowledgeable read which can be used as a true guidance to answering curious questions of youngsters and adults of different cultures, age and believes.
I love to highly recommend such a thought provoking and informative book to be treasured by all mature readers who are open and willing to accept true faith and religion.

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