Pathways to Health: An Integral Guidebook


A true guidance towards ‘what is health’

‘Pathways to Health’ is simply an intriguing, knowledgeable guidebook answering the most simple yet complicated question ‘what is health and the factors that lead to it?” Dr. Victor Acquista takes his readers on a journey to better health by elaborating on the definition of health by using simple examples of his patients with different diseases, taking in consideration the three main factors that are responsible to paving ones pathway to health- the mind, the body and the spirit. The deficiency or excess rather ‘imbalance’ in any of these i.e mind, body and spirit is likely to result in impaired health of an individual.
Dr. Victor Acquista has been a primary care internist for over 25 years and has used his knowledge of medical field aptly by giving his readers a step by step guide to a balanced, fulfilling life in a simple, straight forward language which can be read and understood by those in medical line and by those who are not but still desire to have an insight into healthy living.
It was very knowledgeable and helpful to learn that health goes beyond soundness of body or absence of disease. This is the first medical -integral guidebook which I hold close to my heart and love to highly recommend to my loved ones to get answers and guidance to ‘Pathways to Health’.

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