We Are the Elephants: A Fable of Our Plight (THE BENNU BOOKS of Dia Virginia Rigden Book 1)


A tale of family, love, parting, sorrow, forgiveness and the realities of life.

‘WE ARE THE ELEPHANTS’ is simply one of the most touching and intriguing tales of a baby elephant, BENNU who lives in a family of
elephants with his mother Ruth and grows up under her unconditional shelter of love and care. One day he is forcefully captured by human
hunters and sold to a circus.
Separated from his mother and deprived of the freedom of living and growing up in Mother Nature, BENNU is forced to live his life according to circus imperatives, as the other elephants have done. However, the harsh realities of the circus teach BENNU how to forgive and grow from his miserable experiences.
I am sure author Dia Virginia is a wonderful, sensitive and talented person, as this gripping and motivational fable showcases the qualities of a good-hearted person who can feel the pain and sorrows of other beings.
The author artistically crafts a mesmerizing fable through one of the most intelligent and sensitive of all animals— elephants. It is an inspiring eyeopener for humanity to learn forgiveness, both as adults and innocent children.
Author Dia Virginia’s colourful illustrations paint vivid pictures for our little young readers, who are sure to learn a lot from this heartwarming
I recommend WE ARE THE ELEPHANTS to all. Every mother will want to include this amazing masterpiece among her family’s
treasured educational books. It’s a must read!

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