The Dennis Bisskit Adventures

A read sure to elicit giggles & laughter.

Undoubtedly, Dennis Bisskit’s life has a lot of adventure waiting to be explored by readers and enjoy a hearty laugh. Short, ginger-haired, enthusiastic and good-natured, Dennis Bisskit isn’t particularly a very heroic ‘fantasy like’ figure during his growing years nor his interactions with school mates and surrounding quite ring true but he is always fortunate enough to make a safe landing at the end of the day after destiny pounces over him with hurdles and unexpected tragedies out of the blue.

Seamlessly blending everyday tale of mishap, tackled through winsome situation in the end of each chapter, author Stephen Ainley pens an easy to follow, hilarious romp full of engrossing adventures. Well executed and humorous ‘The Dennis Bisskit Adventures’ dives deeper into the life of a growing troubled protagonist. Vivid details of well paced actions and expressions suggest that the author is a gifted writer with a strong sense of style with children, their thought progression and their day to day life aspects and experiences.

Young children and many grown ups are sure to relate with Dennis and enjoy every line of his engaging tale. Certain to elicit giggles and laughter, this 5 star read is bound to leave readers wishing for more.

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