Keyed Up

A well crafted narration with vibrant settings.

Eager to live independently away from her fathers pampering care, pianist Penelope Dixon is all geared up to embrace her new found happiness until random introduction of reclusive composer Sebastian Mauer at Seattle Symphony amplifies and reignites the emotional tension of romance once pushed aside by Sebastian 10 years ago for the sake of Penelope’s own good. Now with both their careers on line, Sebastian regrets his foolish decision and bears his own scars. Assuming he shouldn’t disrupt the calm life Penelope has built for herself after moving on, Sebastian is on a outlook for a chance to prove himself worthy of Penelope’s trust as the timeline of events and working side by side makes it difficult for both of them to resist each others love.

‘Keyed Up’ is a well crafted narration with detailed vibrant settings of characters and their world building. Despite a predictable plot author Laura Baird manages to weave a uniformly entertaining yet emotionally complex romantic read that is enriched with a realistic exploration of wrong decision making and taking second chances in life. Explicit details and thoughtful execution makes this romantic interlude a perfect 5 star read that is definitely recommended for the fans of the genre.


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