Have Fun Getting Fit: Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body

An inspiring fitness supplement.

‘Have Fun Getting Fit’ is a motivational guide with a refreshing perspective that emphasis on how to achieve maximum benefit from keeping ones body physically active to enjoy an improved quality of life and well being.

Through an easy-to-read conversational tone, author Sharkie Zartman provides a brief insight on many factors and excuses used by different people of different age groups towards the need of exercising and its benefits. Using forty years of personal experience and wisdom in the field of health and fitness, author carefully balances scientific and factual information in her book with array of solid advises and eye catching relatable pictures.

A valuable 5 star read ‘Have Fun Getting Fit’ is a book thoroughly researched and immaculately executed that details and outlines how to achieve optimum fitness and improve ones quality of life. It is an inspiring supplement that covers a wide breadth of issues that are sure to encourage many age groups esp. those in their 50’s and above.

Evoking the need of being fit that a beginner of fitness deserves to know, author Sharkie Zartman’s read is definitely worthy of attention and appreciation.

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