Same Inside, Different Outside

A fascinating, swift- 5 star read!

Exhibiting a deep knowledge of children’s thought process, author Deborah Hunt immerses young readers right into an energetic and enjoyable romp of a kindergarten class where little students are enthusiastic to explore what Dr Shaw and Mr Bones (a life size model of skeleton) has in store for the class today.

Emma, along with her classmates is excited to learn a new lesson about human body but her underlying fear and hesitation from skeletons is a hurdle. She crosses the hurdle with the help of a screening machine to discover the fact that we all are different on the outside but the same inside.

‘Same Inside, Different Outside’ is a fascinating, swift- 5 star read with simple text and snappy dialog, possessing tiny details of expression immaculately embedded with eye catching colorful illustrations to match the tone of the story. Compelling enough to ignite interest of young children and enrich their knowledge, author Deborah Hunt’s passion for writing is a sure recommendation.


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