The One Eyed Pug

A seamless blend of fantasy with reality.

With sensitive, engaging text and lavishly detailed- black and white line illustrations ‘The One Eyed Pug’ by author Deborah Hunt is a poignant yet winsome tale of a pug dog Lola and her mental and emotional adjustments followed by different adoptions made by different families.

Life gives ‘Lola’ some whimsical, some burdensome twists leaving her with a notion that she has finally found a perfect home with a loving family and she really does find one with the Barker family until Chewy’s introduction shatters Lola’s comfort zone followed by a terrible accident.

Seamlessly blending fantasy with reality, author Deborah Hunt’s storytelling mastery skillfully spells out moralistic undercurrents of friendship, love, care and adjustments with a successful introduction to the concept of mindfulness for the young readers in early years.

Less action oriented and ambiguous ‘The One Eyed Pug’ is definitely a pleasant and charming 5 star read that makes  for a perfect recommendation for every school or personal library.


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