It Just Takes One: Part 1

With elements to entertain, frighten & engross.

Thoughtfully conceived and smartly executed, ‘It Just Takes One’ is a modern day fiction thriller that is infused with a complex subject of terrorism and its scorching violence.

Brave Afghan soldier Bahram and his friend Abaz- a qualified doctor in medicine from Emory university- Atlanta are summoned into a deadly sinister mission of destruction by a charismatic and persuasive village leader who is determined to take down US through the unimaginable.

Internship at CDC (Center of Disease Control) for Travis Weiland crafts a scenario Ava Sung had been looking for, together they form a perfect team cracking down the mysterious secret behind the pandemic of 2017 and the sudden shifting of flu season of 2018 with sporadic cases of flu.

Skillfully weaving together the seemingly disparate plot strands author Otto Mondesi unfolds a roller coaster ride of endurance and courage in the face of death and destruction on an apocalyptic scale. ‘It Just Takes One’ is an action packed 5 star thriller with all the correct elements to entertain, frighten and engross its readers that is highly recommended for the fans of the genre.

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  • “It Just Takes One” is the best book I’ve ever read, and I read a lot. I read Mark Twain, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Ernest Hemingway, and more.

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