How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space

Informative and educating.

Author Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos is a crystal healing practitioner and her passion for the subject is evident through her evocative, practical and inspiring self help book ‘How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space’.

This book does not bog you down with technical terms or scientific data but contains real, proven-actionable steps and strategies on how to take control over ones life by cleansing and decluttering the causes of discordant energies around oneself, their surroundings, home and office from negative energy in the most intimidating situations.

Author Kasi Kayes keen and practical observations guide her readers gently towards radicating of healing frequencies of energy with the help of essential oils, crystals, chromothreapy and chakras. ‘How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space’ is a book that goes straight to the core and teaches everything one needs to know about the outcomes of positive energy by guiding and outlining steps required to be followed on the path to a healthier mind, body and spirit.

This book is simply fascinating, compact, through self-help book that is sure to change many lives through its simplicity and knowledge content. A necessary recommendation for every library, personal or otherwise.

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