The Limpet Syndrome

A reprieve from stereotypical reads!

A pleasingly original contribution to the science fiction fantasy genre, ‘The Limpet Syndrome’ is a well thought out read superbly crafted with impressive imagery.

Combined with a writing style that provides vivid mental pictures of characters and settings without being overly tedious, author Tony Moyle unfolds a fascinating plot with wondrous adventure of John Hewsen, whose death leads him to a trial, landing him in a limbo- redemption from hell is only possible when John will successfully capture two lost souls before the summer solstice.

‘The Limpet Syndrome’ is a well written, proactive re-imaging of souls after death journey with religious undertones that is not weighed down by stereotypical events or situations like any other novel. The pragmatic display of human imperfection with a captivating protagonist, host of diverse, supporting characters and vivid sense of good and evil, this enjoyable romp is sure to elicit giggles and at the same time convey a tale that is ambiguous and dramatic with a wild ride of unexpected twists and turns that are mingled masterfully.

Author Tony Moyle is sure to grab his readers right from the opening page and wont let go till the very end. This novel is definitely recommended for entertainment as a reprieve from stereotypical ones. Its a must read!



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