UFOs and God

Entertaining and evocative.

Beautifully conceived and executed ‘UFOs and God’ is an intriguing collection of short stories, ranging widely in both tone and plots with varying formats and lengths in multiple genres. Delivered with most picturesque imagery, elegant yet descriptive, ‘UFOs and God’ is a solid piece of literary collection that cleverly uses an array of analogy of ambiguity and emotion giving it an impressive depth.

Author Michael R. Lane’s close examination of life reveals an intense, variety of thoughts that gives voice to the compelling characters in each narration and displays pragmatic human imperfections and other distillations of life. ‘Love and Death’, ‘War’ and ‘Writer in the Attic’ being personal favorites, authors book features entertaining, evocative and some insightful appealing tales that are bound to force readers to explore and enjoy intricacies in their personal favorites. This book is sure to delight a wider audience and fascinate them with brimming fantasy, fiction and reality. An ideal collection to give, share and indulge in, ‘UFOs and God’ is a 5 star read!

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