The Ethereans Dark Genesis

A virtual romp through realm beyond imagination.

‘The Ethereans Dark Genesis’ is an engaging adventure of exploration through the worlds of light and dark realms, after the most honored Etherean- The great explorer, mysteriously disappears along with other Ethereans while venturing in a strange new virtual realm he had created using an unstable element known as energy. An elite crew of peacekeepers i.e., Captain Kestrel, Science officer Lark, engineer Bower, navigator Swift, communicator Nightingale and ensign Starling are to fight their way through a game of god and mortals on a rescue mission to find their lost hero.

Engrossing, highly persuasive with witty dialog and a cast of admirable characters author C. F. Reynolds crafts mounting suspense that overwhelms skepticism. ‘The Ethereans Dark Genesis’ is a thoughtful, well plotted young adult scifi that showcases authors meticulous attention towards the details of the plot and scenarios created smartly within the pages. Author C. F. Reynolds novel is richly set with an intriguing virtual romp within, through realms beyond imagination that strives for diverse appreciation from the fans of the genre. A definite 5 star must read!

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