Tales of Block E

Enjoyable intricacy behind each tale.

‘Tales of Block E’ is a collection of compelling tales from bygone era of 1979 that manages to enliven and enhance intriguing situations of different characters experiencing variety of emotion justified by the actions taken by them.

With an authentic period feel and convincing characters, ‘The Rand Hotel’, ‘American Adonis’ and ‘Jean Skirt’ are three intersecting stories anchored on the framework of pragmatic display of human imperfection that is plausible. Though each tale reads like a fragment rather than a complete story, author William E. Burleson’s ‘Tales of Block E’ is an immaculate read that goes well beyond expectation giving its readers a brilliant imaging of the most notorious block in Minneapolis.

Smartly crafted and intricately executed this is definitely a book that can be easily read within a few hours or be paced over a few days to enjoy the intricacy behind each tale. A literary fiction in every sense of word, this 5 star read deserves to be widely read and appreciated.



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