Upgrade to Africa Business Class: Why You Should Expand Your Business Into Africa

Thought provoking, practical read.

Author Winfred Oppong Amoako’s ‘Upgrade to Africa Business Class’ is a straight forward, no-nonsense high quality content book that all aspiring entrepreneurs and investors must read.

With a unique approach, author divides his book into parts covering everything one would need to examine and learn in order to develop a thriving business in Africa. With field experience and workable information ‘Upgrade to Africa Business Class’ outlines the steps and offers the actionable tips, provides the examples and answers the questions that is sure to get potential investors and businesses to connect their own dots.

Providing a whole new dimension to the perspective of expanding business for profitable opportunities in Africa, author Winfred has been very generous to put down his knowledge in creating a masterpiece of business and management in the form of his very incisive and inspiring book. This is a very well written and put together book of guidance which deserves to be widely read and treasured by those interested in the genre.

A perfect discussion of glistering opportunities which is still undiscovered by many aspiring entrepreneurs , this read is definitely thought provoking and highly recommended.

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