The Tree Watcher

Sure to evoke long gone memories.

Gentle yet spirited- ‘The Tree Watcher’ is a read firmly rooted in nature with lavish illustrations and soothing pictures of trees and greenery around them.

Author Christopher P. Stanley immediately plunges his readers- young or old right into a mesmerizing experience of noticing trees through his son Sam’s walk to the park. With smartly captured moments of a child’s fresh discovery and curiosity, author capably sketches engrossing details of trees, their existence around neighborhood, their strength and growth.

‘The Tree Watcher’ is a light hearted, simplistic read that is sure to evoke and retrace long gone memorable times experienced by adults amidst nature. Beautifully conceived and executed, this 5 star read is definitely a book every parent would love to read for their child. Highly recommended.


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