Nite Fire: Flash Point

Smartly conceived and well executed world building.

Leaving a flawed past behind Dahlia Nite the assassin of Drimera realm had vowed to protect the human race from beastly creatures lurking parallel to the realm of Earth for the favor of shelter amongst humanity but as the horrifying murder rate culminates in Sentinel city, Dahila roars into action with evidences mounting in the direction she had thought she would never venture again. Determination to bring nasty creatures to justice, twist in the destiny will test Dalhia’s options to fight against her own kind.

‘Nite Fire: Flash Point’ is a fresh original series stater bolstered by a dynamic female protagonist and diverse cast of appealing secondary characters. Author C.L. Schneider skillfully infuses scorching action, violent soulful flashback and an emotionally compelling tale with mind boggling mystery. Fans of the genre will be fully engaged and entertained as author Schneider’s urban fantasy moves with a balanced pace through a smartly conceived and well executed world building that has an authentic feel. A 5 star read sure to grip its readers with its engrossing plot, ‘Nite Fire: Flash Point’ is highly recommended!


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