The Hand of Fate (The Belanger Creek Ranch Series Book 3)


Will Belanger Creek Ranch withstand the dark shades of life?

‘The Hand of Fate’ is 3rd and the best plotted novel in the Belanger Creek Ranch Series where author Gloria Antypowich smartly throws in fresh twists in the life and relationship of characters on the ranch, testing the bond of trust built among the members over time as one big family.
When time starts to prove itself as the biggest healer for Tim Bates, his destiny takes a sharp turn and pushes him in a situation where his discovery of a photo will prove his believe wrong about his birth leaving him raging and bitter as he was in the past before joining the Cantaus Farm. Tim turns to Christina Holmes for help who is already under the burden of sorrowful suffering from MRHK syndrome which has deprived her of motherhood leaving her marriage to crumble in the past, alarming Christina of heart break from the budding relationships of the future.
Are the secrets of Tim and Christina strong enough to shatter their future or the bond of love, trust and relationships in Belanger Creek Ranch prove itself the winner over the dark shades of life?
‘The Hand of Fate’ is genuinely an impressive work of imagination and narration woven into a contemporary romance fiction by author Gloria which is sure to keep one turning pages of this captivating novel till the very end.
This book is sure to interest all those who believe in love and relationships. Highly recommended for a relaxed vacation for its sheer beauty of imagination and a strong story line.

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