Out of the Blue


Well written and an insightful read.

‘Out of the Blue’ is a thorny yet enchanting tale of a young girl Dana Foster, who grieves over the unfortunate loss of her very dear and close friend ‘Gerry White Cloud’ and struggles to move on in life accepting the unbelievable tragedy by relying on native Indian spirituality teachings given by Gerry, but destiny throws in a new love Moose- the horse in Dana’s path of recovery after sorrowful loss of Gerry and she leaves no stone unturned to train Moose for the sake of not being sold and lost to her forever.
With mastery over language and its nuances, author Cheryl Bruder artistically paints vivid pictures of nature and surroundings in a very descriptive and captivating style, impressive enough to pull one into the read right from the opening pages till the very end. Highlighting the power of spirituality, author does a wonderful job of drawing her readers close to nature. ‘Out of the Blue’ is definitely a book with strong story line and appealing characters.
This novel is well written and insightful which surely deserves to be widely read. I am sure picking ‘Out of the Blue’ is going to be worthwhile. Highly recommended to all and spl. to all nature lovers.

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