Multiples (Richard Moore)


A crime fiction worth reading.

A series of tragic accidents leading to unfortunate death of people one after another in a small town of Winchendon, leaves the police and the investigators clueless until when chief of the police department Richard Moore learns that all those dead in the accidents were health policy holders and suffered from dangerous illness which required expensive treatment.
Author J. Melvin Smith takes his readers to envision the thorny, dangerous investigation protagonist Richard Moore is to unravel with his colleagues to get to the very core of these mysterious accidental deaths and bring out the evil assassin hired by the health insurance company to kill those policy holders who may require expensive care.
‘Multiples’ is an impressive and engrossing crime fiction where author Smith uses his knowledge expertly weaving it with elements of his military and healthcare training experiences, giving an insight into the world of conspiracy plotted against innocent victims.
Straight forward, fast paced narration with mind boggling twists and turns thrown in the path of life-like developed characters kept me engaged for hours. Reading this very descriptive and reveling novel was like watching an entertaining crime fiction movie.
‘Multiples’ is definitely a book with very fresh and well thought story plot which deserves to be widely read and appreciated. Highly recommended!

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