Citizen Warrior – The 4th Branch


An action packed, motivational thriller.

When Carter Thompson saves retired Delta Force Colonel Doug Redman with his family from a terrorist gunman in the Southwest Regional mall on Black Friday, they befriend each other after the horrifying experience and feel the need to protect their own country and the innocent suffering citizens from the corrupt government, enriching the evil powers and plans of the deadly terrorists.
‘Citizen Warrior’ is an intriguing action thriller novel where author Thomas Rompel is all set to take his readers through the path of patriotism by bringing out the best from his characters, showing us how a team of seven determined patriots can bring about the change that U.S government fails at.
Author Thomas is naturally blessed with great sense of imagination and has full command over his narration which flows flawlessly showcasing his wealth of knowledge in his subject. The characters of ‘Citizen Warrior’ are life like and believable, which are to engage readers and inspire them to rise and fight against the growing evil of terrorism around the world.
This engrossing novel definitely has a strong story line based on the very current issues faced by the innocent common man. The book ends well giving emotional satisfaction, increasing our expectation from author Thomas, and waiting for more to come in this action packed thriller series.
I highly recommend this book for its sheer beauty and motivation.

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