A New Dawn (The Guardians Chronicles – Fantasy Epic Book 1)


A wonderful work of fantasy and fiction!!

‘A New Dawn’ is a great work of fantasy and fiction by Ann .H. Barlow. It is an epic story where a young girl, Sahara Driver is the main character.
The story begins slowly with simple life of Sahara, she has had a very sad past with death of her parents and her sibling and also a friend but she is saved form these accidents. She meets Nigel, they fall in love and move in together but unfortunately he turns out to be an extremely jealous and abusive boy friend.
As i read on i felt totally connected with the characters. I really loved the character of Sahara and felt every pain of her when she went through abuses and physical touches by her boyfriend. On the other hand at times the character of Nigel brought anger in me. There is a secret and a wow factor to Sahara’s character adding depth to novel, which the readers have to read on and find out for themselves!
The novel was full of twists and turns and it sure is unimaginable great work of fiction. And then there was an emergence of evil villain ‘Barak’ who is a threat to the world.
Without revealing much of the story i would just like to conclude by saying that the writer Ann .H. Barlow has done a great job, the story line is very strong with a totally wonderful new concept which keeps the interest of the readers growing with the turn of every page.
i would highly recommend this book to all and esp. to those who love fantasy and fiction. Its a must read!!


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