The Tragic Romance of Africa: A True Adventure


A heart warming true story!!

‘The Tragic Romance of Africa’ is a heart warming and heart breaking adventurous memoir of Dennis Hubbard the writer himself. The book gives its readers an inside view of writers life, his love,friendship,work and hardship and a very common issue witnessed those days ‘racism'(60 years back).
Each event and occasion in the novel are so well narrated and expressed by the author as though they were recently experienced although these things happened to the writer 60 years back!
The journey of the writer from Sheffield to Africa and from one place to another are so well expressed and each detail so well described that at times i felt i was travelling and experiencing those moments with Dennis himself.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this tragic, hard to believe but real novel, It was so captivating, i didn’t want to be disturbed a minute until i finished it completely.
I would love to recommend this book full of real emotions and genuine feelings to all esp. non fiction and adventure lovers. Its a must read!!

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