The Color of Home: A Novel


A book with a heart!!

‘The Color of Home‘ is an excellent heart touching love story, i felt i lived the book while i was reading it because it has many heart warming moments with some lovely poems and lyrics included. The story is based on two main characters i.e. Sassa- a chef and Nick -a musician who meet at a coffee shop one day and slowly after getting to know each other they fall in love, with Nick giving in first!
As you read on you will find that their story is one of hope and passion as both have a tragic past and so they face the challenges of maintaining an individual identity while being in the relation.
The Author Rich Marcello like an artist has beautifully shown us the ups and downs, the pain, the agony they go through. The best part?….he has woven dynamic and modern settings with music and delicious cuisine and so the book is sweet,engaging, twisty and both plot and character driven in turns.
I am inspired and was completely glued to the book and wanted to know what happens next. The author surely knows how to keep the readers interested! its a must read…buy it and you wont regret it or the time you spent getting to know the characters and the story. Highly recommended!!

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