A powerful read that is sure to transport readers to an alien land.

‘Strife’ is a powerful multilayered modern day Sci-fi with rich descriptive and intricate narrative superbly crafted with well thought out gripping tale of grit, action and survival amidst corruption and instability.

The alien world of Tallagen witnesses colonization of ‘Fleet Epsilon’ for over 175 cycles until their survival and peace is at stake of destruction by powerful Demzerai. Tense and dramatic, author Terrance Mobley creates an engaging tale of thrilling quest where believable characters will learn to beat the odds of life’s most difficult situations. With a new plot twist around every corner author delivers a complex story of greed and lust of power that will keep the undercurrent of fear relentlessly  embodied skillfully in the setting of the alien world. Fiction becomes believable and fascinating in this immaculately imagined Sci-fi as the plot moves at a breakneck pace, combined artistically with a writing style that provides vivid mental pictures of the characters and their setting without being overly tedious.

Demonstrating a deep knowledge in the field of combat and war, author Terrance Mobley does a wonderful job of beautifully texturing his read that is sure to transport his readers mentally to a believable alien land. ‘Strife’ is an engrossing page turner that is sure to entertain any avid Sci-fi lover. Recommended to all fans of fiction.


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