The Rise of Nazil: Book I

Original in concept and delightful in style.

‘The Rise of Nazil: Secret of the Seven’ is an engaging epic fantasy read in every sense of word. Author Aaron Michael has managed to create a world where love is skillfully mingled and balanced with politics, battle of birth right and adventure ticking along at a perfect pace bringing the imaginary time period to life with authentic details and charismatic, believable characters, fighting to reclaim their destiny.

Author Aaron Michael is a truly gifted writer who weaves a story that is at once complex, surprising, full of well paced action that moves at a break neck pace bringing in the first chosen of the elite guard of Nazil-‘Pentanimia’ who will face a life changing challenge after meeting a breath taking human beauty Brahanu.

‘The Rise of Nazil’ is definitely a masterful read that is sure to enchant its readers by its adventures that are thrilling and even frightening as the good and the evil battle for domination, demonstrating and slowly unfolding the power and courage of characters selflessly helping each other where their camaraderie is spellbinding and relieving from the poignant settings.

Original in concept and delightful in style, ‘The Rise of Nazil’ is bound to provide an exceptionally immersive reading experience as the transition into a highly imagined magical realm is both deeply moving and satisfying. Highly recommended.

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